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Perhaps you were in the city’s entertainment hub with your friends or you went to the supermarket to buy something to drink at night. You were busy at that time and a bit sleepy. When it’s time to go home, you opened your bag to get your car key and it was not there! It feels like you’ve lost your unconsciousness and you tried to look for it inside your pocket but you cannot there was no key. You go back to the last section where you were standing before you went out but you still failed. You are so confused and you don’t know what to do next. It is indeed a nightmare for a car owner like you!

Getting locked out of the car is one of the most frustrating experiences that can happen to anybody. You’re standing in the parking lot and you don’t have the spare keys so that you can enter and drive your car back home. Being in this situation makes a person panic and the person loses his or her ability to think of the possible problem. So what must be done just in case it happens on you? If you find yourself locked out of the car and whether the key is left inside or it was misplaced, be careful not to do some things.

Car Key CopyThings You Should Avoid When You Get Locked Out of the Car

  • Start to Panic – don’t panic as it will not be helpful. Stay calm whenever possible especially if you have your kids with you. Showing your kids that you are bothered will just cause them to be in stress attack as well. Anxiety also stops you from being able to think clearly for a possible solution. If the location where you and your children are is not safe or the place is not familiar to you, it’s important to remain in an area that is well lit.
  • Never Make Use of a Hanger – whilst there are many people who think about using a hanger to get inside the car, it is still not a good solution to your problem. This idea means you have to go down over the top of the car’s window by using a hanger and then push that electronic button inside so that the car will be unlocked. This stuff can also be used in going into the window’s bottom part closed to the door so as to find the pin within the door that should be removed so you can open the car. Doing this may resolve the problem, but in return, it can cause damage to the window and also to the window seal of your car. The worst is that it might not be helpful for you so you can enter the car.
  • Never Try the So-Called “Tennis Ball Trick” – there were a lot of people who tried using the tennis ball in opening a locked car. By using this method, you will have to take the ball and then punch the key sized hole in its one side. After that, you will place the ball up against the keyhole on the door then by using the ball, try to it harder as you can until the door unlocks. Supposed to be, this should create a rush of the wind which can cause unlocking of the door. This trick might be effective in case of some older models of cars, but it is no longer much effective today considering that the car models these days are made to be high tech.
  • Avoid Using a Ruler – its use is basically similar with the way a hanger can be used to resolve getting locked of the car. When you make use of either a plastic or wooden ruler, this might break away in the door. What about a steel ruler? Using this type may cause damage to the car window’s seal and also to the window itself. Regardless of the kind of ruler that you use, still this trick for trying to unlock the car is not recommended.

These tricks are mostly the common solutions talked about and suggested by many car owners out there. But, do you guess that anyone will ever think of carrying those materials with them whenever they drive their car? Before you can use these tricks, you will be spending a lot of time in locating stores where you can buy any of them.

When it comes to getting locked out of the car, there are more other things that you can do to get your problem solved in no time. Here is another list for you recommending the best things that you should keep in mind and follow in case you encounter this problem with your car.

Things You Have To Do When You Are Locked Out Of the Car

Locking yourself out of your car could be stressful and frustrating. The first thing that will comes in your mind is to sacrifice the beauty of your vehicle and damage it so you can get inside and you will just think about bringing it to an automotive center for repair. The following are the best things to do instead of those crazy and damaging tactics to unlock your car:

  • Call the Police Station for Help – if your kids or someone else is locked inside the car, you must seek help from the police officers right away. They have the right tools to use and help you get in your car without causing any harm to your hard-earned investment – your car. On the other hand, if there is no sudden risk of harm to anybody, the police might suggest that you call a local car locksmith.
  • Call a Locksmith – a car locksmith company is the only one that can help you get rid of your problem. In case the problem takes place at night, you can still ask for their help through looking for a company that provides SOS locksmith and 24 hour locksmith services. Typically, a locksmith company could be opened quickly and easily in just 15 minutes. Most of the time, you will helped after paying a certain amount of money as fee for their service, but there are times when this car lockout service is covered by car insurance.

When it comes to hiring a car locksmith, you need to be careful and make sure that you call for help from a professional and highly recommended locksmith. An auto locksmith can assist you through providing different services which include car key replacement, keyless entry and lock and key replacement. What you need to do is to hire a company that was able to prove its expertise to public.

Getting Locked Out of the Car – Finding a Reliable Car Locksmith

locked out of the carGetting locked out your car can happen anytime of the day and it can happen just when you are not prepared for it. But, there’s nothing to worry about because a car locksmith will always be there to assist you. Through the years, there are many companies that provide car locksmith services. In just a few minutes, you can already find a number of companies that specialize in emergency locksmith services. The number of choices to choose from can cause you to feel overwhelmed but if you know what you can expect from a car locksmith company, it will not be hard for you to determine the right one to hire.

Here are some things that you must look forward to from a car locksmith company:

  • Job quote – a reliable car locksmith company would always be capable of providing you free job quotes so as to give you a clear picture of how you will have to pay when you hire them. Through this way, you will be able to determine which company offers you the cheapest fee before you sign the contract and have them fixing your car. Your locksmith of choice must be honest and willing to let you inform about anything. There must be no any hidden extra charge which includes fees for answering midnight calls and mileage charges as well as minimum service fees in the initial job quote they gave to you.
  • Services provided – do not forget that there are various forms of locksmiths so the one you hire needs to be able to carry out services that are associated to your requirements. Since you get locked out of the car, the locksmith company you will be hiring should be one that specializes in car locksmith services. There are locksmiths out that which specialize in the emergency situations like locking yourself out of the car and they are called car locksmiths. There are also some other locksmith companies that specialize in residential and commercial locksmith services so you really need to check their specializations first before hiring them. Also, you will find some companies offering installation of security alarm systems and window lock installation.
  • Professionalism – a car locksmith must arrive on time and they have to conduct business in a courteous and professional manner. Aside from that, the locksmith that you will be hiring must have all those appropriate tools to use and they must make sure that nothing will be damaged while they are busy in completing the job.
  • Final invoice – the final invoice that you will be receiving in the end must match up to the original quote that was given to you before the locksmith took over and started the job. It needs to be free from any surprise, hidden charges for the job and everything has to tote up as it was shown to you right from the start. When the final invoice is not the same with the original quote that was given to you then the car locksmith must be eager to manage the argument in a logical and fair manner. Always remember that you should never pay for a service that you didn’t hire the company for. As a customer, it is your privilege to choose the service you want to pay and also, you deserve to pay the right amount for using their expertise.
  • A car locksmith is liable for some highly critical tasks – some companies out there might put your safety at risk when you choose to work with them. Always keep in mind that not all car locksmiths offer the same level of quality service that you simply deserve. What you need is to look for a locksmith that you can really trust to become reliable, professional and competent.

So you have learned the most important factors that you need to consider when looking for a dependable locksmith company. Always remember that you have to be careful when making your final decision to avoid problems and feeling sorry in the end.


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