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Rekeying is the process of changing a lock so that a different key is able to make the lock open. Only professionally trained locksmiths are able to rekey existing lock systems and you only want to trust this important method to an expert. The professionals at Home Run Locksmith-Locks Rekey Queens are carefully trained and know how to work with all styles of locks.

You may need your lock systems rekeyed in Queens for your automobile, commercial building, or residential home. If you lose your keys or think that they are stolen you should look into having your locks rekeyed. Whoever finds or has stolen your key is able to enter your home without breaking and entering; they have a free pass into your home if you don’t rekey the locks. You also will want to have your new home rekeyed when you move in so that any previous owners or friends with copies of keys can’t get into your home after move in.

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Rekeying allows the adjustable tumblers in the lock to change so that a new key matches the new tumbler configuration. Replacing the entire lock is an option to discuss with your locksmith but this will cost more. Modern-day locks can be rekeyed by professional locksmiths very quickly. The experts at Home Run Locksmiths are able to help you rekey your home or business with quick service and professional service.