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What Is A Mobile Locksmith?

No doubt you’ve heard the term mobile locksmith more than once or twice and found yourself wondering what exactly is a mobile locksmith? Most people know that a mobile locksmith travels to different locations to provide services rather than have their customers come to them. This is a pretty accurate but simple description of what a mobile locksmith is. The truth is, that a mobile locksmith is normally a regular licensed and experienced locksmith that has made their business or part of their business mobile by setting up a fully equipped locksmith shop in a van so that everything they need is right at their fingertips when they receive a call for their services.

mobile locksmithWhat are The Benefits of a Mobile Locksmith?

There are several benefits of a mobile locksmith for you as a customer. Some of these benefits include:

Less time spent on repairs. When a locksmith is able to bring a fully stocked shop with them when they answer your call they are able to make any necessary repairs or replace locks and keys right on the spot rather than have to run back and forth between your location and a brick and mortar shop. By having everything they need right there at their fingertips they can provide you with the service you need quickly and efficiently.

You can get the services you need when you need them. Most mobile locksmiths provide their services 24 hours a day 7 days a week where as locksmiths who only have a brick and mortar store often don’t provide 24/ 7 services due to the overhead costs of keeping their shop open around the clock. You want a locksmith that is available when you need them whether that is the middle of the day, late at night or during the wee hours of the morning. A mobile locksmith is more likely to be able to answer your call and meet your need.

A Mobile Locksmith May Save You Money. While a mobile locksmith may not charge a lower rate for their services than a locksmith that doesn’t provide mobile services they still may end up costing you less. There are several reasons why a mobile locksmith may save you money. First, in a case where you may have locked your keys in the car unless the locksmith can come to you, you will have to have your car transported to them in order to retrieve your keys, this may mean having the expense of having the car towed to the locksmith’s shop, whereas a mobile locksmith comes to you. Second, even if a locksmith shop is willing to send a locksmith to your location they may have to travel between their shop and your location once they have identified the problem to get the proper tools or replacement locks or they may have to return to their shop to make keys. Since you pay for the locksmiths time you will end up paying for the additional travel time.

Convenience– Let’s face it, a mobile locksmith just offers their customers a more convenient way to get the services they need. Since they come to you, not the other way round you can get their services quickly whether you at home or work or have a lock or key problem with you car at a shopping mall or other place away from your home or office.

Mobile Locksmiths Provide a Wide Array of Services– Many people think that a mobile locksmith just provides services to people who have problems with their locks or keys for their car. Nothing could be further from the truth, many mobile locksmiths provide the same services that all other locksmiths provide including services for your home or business. They make keys, repair or replace locks, and even install and maintain security locks on your business, home, and even security gate. They can open your safe should you lose your key or forget your combination, and offer a variety of other services as well. A mobile locksmith can and usually does provide you with every service you get from a locksmith that owns a brick and motar shop, they just provide those services from a mobile shop that can be driven to your location.

More and More Locksmiths are Going Mobile

The truth is that more and more locksmiths are going mobile. There is an extremely good reason for this. In order to have a successful locksmith business you have to be able to meet the customers needs and mobile locksmiths can meet the needs of all of their customers simpler and easier than a locksmith whose shop is confined to single a location. In other words, people are more likely to hire a locksmith that can come to them since it is more difficult or impossible to bring most lock and key problems to a brick and mortar shop.

mobile locksmithHere at HomeRun Locksmith we would like to be your mobile locksmith of choice for those of you who live in New York. Our mobile locksmiths serve a wide variety of locations including Long Island, Queens, the Bronx and NYC.
Our locksmiths are fully licensed and insured and have years of experience dealing with every lock and key problem imaginable including, key replacement, lock outs, lock repairs, replacements, and installations, eviction lock services, security locks (we can even consult with you on the right security locks for your needs) and many other locksmith services.

Of course as a mobile locksmith service we offer 24/7 services so that you can depend on us in any lock and key emergency. Our technicians are professional and friendly and are passionate about what they do so we can provide you with the best locksmith services at reasonable prices.
To learn more about the services we provide please spend a few minutes browsing our website or give us a call at


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