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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Locksmiths Services

In most cases people who call a locksmith, do so under emergency situations such as finding themselves locked out of their home or car, a break-in that requires changing your locks immediately, or other such situations. When one of these emergency situations occur the common response is to get help immediately. However, hiring the first locksmith service you see in the phone book, may not be the best way to deal with your emergency, as doing so may end up costing you more than you can actually afford to pay, but not always providing you with the professional service you need. Before hiring any locksmith services, you should take a deep breath, calm your panic, and be prepared to ask the following questions when you call for the assistance of a locksmith.

Ask for the Locksmith Services Brick and Mortar Address

Just because a locksmith service states that it is local, doesn’t mean that it is. Many national locksmith chains, advertise they are local when their actual physical location may mean that they are hundreds of miles away. When you call one of these chains, they then sub contract the work to a local locksmith which ends up costing you more as you will paying fees for the locksmith that actually comes to aid as well as a “bit extra” to the locksmith service you actually called. This can significantly add to the cost of those locksmith services you so desperately need.

Keep in mind that these national locksmiths services in Queens NY, which are often little more than call centers, depend on you being too desperate for help to ask them for a local address. If they apprear to be reluctant to supply you with a local address then hang up and call another locksmith service.

Ask If You Will Be Able to See a Copy of the Locksmith’s License When he Arrives

If you are paying for a service, you want to insure that you get the highest quality service available for money that you are paying, which is why you need to ask upfront if you will be able to see a copy of the Locksmiths license when he arrives. If a locksmith is unable to produce a copy of his license along with identification then chances are that the locksmith is not licensed and therefore may not have the training to perform the tasks you are hiring him for. This can result in it taking longer for him to solve your lock or key problem, which will add to the cost of his services, as well as the chance he may do shoddy work or cause some sort of damage which you will end up paying extra to get the job done right or to make repairs to the damage he caused.

Ask in Advance What You are Going to Be Charge for

Many locksmith services charge a minimum or mobile charge for coming to your location, this is a charge that is separate from any actual work they do, which will added to the minimum charge. You may also be charged mileage costs as well to have the locksmith travel to your location, as well as an extra charge for “Emergency services.” Many customers are surprised to be quoted a fee like $55.00 for a service call, only to discover there are several other charges that is added to that charge once the locksmith actually arrives and does the work. While a locksmith may not be able to tell you that exact charge in advance, since he doesn’t know exactly what needs to be done until he arrives, they should be able to give you a good general idea of what they will be charging for. Make sure when you are quoted a price, that you ask the locksmith service if there are likely to be additional charges added to the quote you are given.

Ask for An Arrival Time

Make sure to ask the locksmith service to give you an arrival time for when they will be arriving to where you need them to be. Not only will having an arrival time help you to determine whether or the locksmith is actually local and will help you feel less panicky to know how soon help will be on the way. If the locksmith service quotes you a time you feel is unreasonable, then call another locksmith that can arrive on the scene faster.

HomeRun Locksmith The Local Locksmith Service the People of Queens Trust

We here at HomeRun Locksmith provides reasonably priced locksmith services to the people of Queens, New York. As a local locksmith and members of the Queens community our mission is to provide quality and affordable locksmith services to our friends and neighbors.

As a fully licensed and insured locksmith service we will be happy to show you a copy of our license should you ask, and will also be happy to give you the address of our store so you can rest assured that are services are indeed local.

Because we are a local locksmith service we are conveniently located within 30 minutes of any location in Queens, which means that we can provide you with fast and professional services regardless of the problem.

Some of the services we offer include:

· Car, home or business lockout services in Queens

· Lock repair in Queens

·Lock replacement in Queens

· Both commercial and residential door replacement in Queens

· High security lock in Queens

· Break in repairs in Queens

· We are also auto keys and remote specialists in Queens New-York

Why Not Check Us Out

Why not check us out before that lock and key emergency occurs. Just give us a call at 1-844-786-7625 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. By spending a few minutes learning about our locksmith services prior to actually needing those services you will be able to decide if our services are right for you should an emergency occur and you need our services.

24 Hours Locksmiths Services in Queens 15% Off All Services. Get A Free Estimate!

Call toll free (844) 786-5685 We’ll Beat Any Price 15 Min Arrival Time.

We are serving all New York Metro Area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long-Island

HomeRun Locksmith & Hardware

We are serving all New York Metro Area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long-Island

HomeRun Locksmith & Hardware

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