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What To Do If You Are Ever Locked Out

Locksmith Queens ServiceIf you have ever been locked out of your home, car, or business you probably remember that initial moment of panic you feel and can recall hearing that huge “Oh No!” echoing in your head. Normally, this panicky feeling is followed by a series of wasted actions such as jiggling the doorknob, or checking to see if the windows are locked. Once the panic subsides and you are able to think more clearly you start thinking of the different options you may have to gain entrance to the place you are locked out of. Of course, the available options will be dependent upon exactly where you are and what you happen to be locked of. So let’s look at some possible lock out scenarios and what you can do to gain the entrance to your own property.

You’re Locked Out of Your Home

house lockoutYou’ve seen those movies where a character leaves their home in their pajamas in order to get the paper or check the mail and finds himself locked out of their home. Of course in those sitcoms on television what follows is a funny scenario where the neighbors are shocked and the lead character tries to act as though everything is fine. Of course real people find nothing funny in being locked out of their house and more often than not this happens in real life late at night leaving the locked out individual feeling exposed and perhaps a little bit frightened.

When you are locked out of your home, the first thing most people do is check is to check their other doors or their windows hoping they left something unlocked and can gain entry into their home that way. If most entrances are locked up tight, then you are left with two choices. You can either break into your house through a door or window or call a professional locksmith.

Breaking into your home is a quick way to gain entry into your home, however doing so leaves your home exposed to others who may want to harm or steal from you. For many people taking this option results in a sleepless night or two until you can get the door or window you broke in through repaired.

On the other hand, calling a locksmith will result in gaining entry to your home without damaging any doors or windows and will even result in your being able to get a spare key so that you will never get locked out again.

Commercial-LocksmithLocked Out of Your Business

It is rare that a business owner gets locked out of their business, but it does happen, usually due to the fact that they have a key pad entry lock for security purposes and the lock jams or fails to function like it should. Should this happen to you, there really is not much that you can do other than call a licensed locksmith that works with all different types of security locks. A locksmith can easily repair or replace that security lock without damaging the door to your business. By having the lock immediately repaired or replaced you can gain entry to your business without jeopardizing your security, which is extremely important to most business owners.

Locked Out of Your Car

Probably the most common type of lock out is people becoming locked out of their car. In some cases, people simply forget and leave their keys in the ignition, in other cases, the door lock malfunctions or the key breaks off in the lock. No matter how a lock out occurs, people tend to panic when they are locked out of their car, since they use their car for work, to get the doctor, to chauffeur their children and for a number of other important events. In most cases, when a lock out occurs there is somewhere you need to be so the panic of not being able to gain entry to your transportation is heightened.

You could try to gain entry to your car yourself, but with the new technological advancements instituted by car manufacturers makes gaining access to your car yourself extremely difficult without actually causing expensive damage to your car.

When you weigh the possible damage to your car compared to the cost of calling a professional locksmith it simply makes sense to pick up a phone and call the locksmith. Not only can a locksmith gain entry to your car without causing any damage, they can also repair your car lock or make a spare key should the need arise.

If you are locked out due a key broken off in the lock, a professional locksmith can remove the broken key, repair the lock if needed, and make you a new car key and program it for you right on the spot and have you on your way in a short period of time.

Locked Out of Your Safe

There are cases when you may not be locked out of your home, car, or business, but rather are locked out of your home or business safe or a closet in your home. This often occurs when a combination lock malfunctions or you simply misplace the key. While closet doors and safes can be broken in order to gain access to the items you need, eventually you will need to replace that door or that safe which can cost you a good deal of money.

Hiring a professional and licensed Locksmith to open that closet door or safe can not only save you money, but also save you frustration. In addition the locksmith can repair your safe’s lock or make a spare key for your closet door or safe so that you can still lock your closet or safe and protect the valuables inside.

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